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v. 4.1
It's now easy to find and modify a reservation: you can search by the unique reference number (shown in all created documents)
The web form indicates rules for options indexed by attendees or duration.
v. 4.1
You can prepare and customise a dedicated template with your favorite software in order to have all your required details (options, attendees, coments) in a document.
No new important changes in that version, but some small updates everywhere to enhance user experience.
v. 4.0
This brand new version provides an enhanced view and an easier management.

You can define your own favorites rooms for your personal view, quickly print a reservation form to Microsoft Word or create a reservations list with Microsoft Excel. Managing contacts and chairs is easier with dedicated buttons from the main menu.

The web site has been changed to complain with latest browsers (transparancy, rounded corners, shadows). You will be able to add your own logo. Chosen options and attendees are visible in the detail area. The reservation form has been enhanced to remember user settings with cookies.
v. 3.1
It is now possible to synchronize contacts and/or users from the LDAP directory from your Active Directory.

You can also print a detailed reservation sheet from a personal template directly from a reservation.

You can setup emails for logitics services in order to send them an email when a new reservation is set on a room. You can specify special requirements if necessary.
v. 3.0
The user interface of the web site has been totally review. The view gives you a better overview of current bookings and is working with different color schemes.

New weekly and monthly views has been added with many other options like simultaneous bookings, day off...

An example is available on our web site here : demonstration site
v. 3.0
With the brand new Windows 7, Rooming'it has to change to adopt the new user interface.
v. 2.4
New possibilities has been added to avoid multiple keyin, you can:
- recovering in the agenda of the booking request with selected options and the list of participants declared in the web form.
- quantify the required options (number of notepads or laptops...) depending on the number of participants and time scheduled.
- export the list of participants to print badges or dedicated entry lists.
This version includes:
- You can drag and drop any booking to your personal agenda.
- You can now add your own free questions in the booking request on the web site.
- There is now an alert when you are preparing periodic reservations that are booked at the same time.
This new version includes:
- The day of and closing period manager.
- The background personal settings change for these special days and period.
- The rooms order can be changed by drag a drop.
Rooming'it is now running with SQL Server for larger databases.
Please contact us to have more details about this version.

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