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Improvements for statistical purposes

Answers to free-form questions asked on the application form can now be included in reservations and used in extractions for statistical purposes.
Web Edition 8.0

What's new ?

In addition to correcting a few teething problems, we've also added a number of new features:
• The interface for managing conflicts linked to periodicity has been revised to take better account of the various possible cases.
• Several e-mail addresses can now be registered to send notification to the organizer of a booking.
• The import of calendars from Google Calendar has been enhanced by the integration of the notion of periodicity.

Some improvements

Minor corrections to special cases, a new reservation selection criterion in document management, and a new data extraction function in your spreadsheet for consumption and usage statistics for materials and services.
Web Edition 8.0

Official release of Rooming'it Web Edition

We're pleased to announce the official release of Rooming'it Web Edition, the remote service version of Rooming'it (SaaS mode).

In this new user interface, you'll find all the Rooming'it features, as well as new ones such as :
• Notifications and alerts for managers when several bookings overlap.
• A reservation request form, enabling live requests to be entered as part of visitor access.
• Editions directly generated in PDF format or exported to Excel.
• iCalendar import from Google Calendar export.

The interface is available in 7 languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português.

Web publishing and PHP 8.2

The web publication is functional on a web platform with PHP 8.2.

Some minor improvements

Some ergonomic improvements on the bottom, an improved accounting extraction, a protection in modification of the financial elements of the invoiced reservations, but also a parameter allowing to prohibit or to authorize the overflow of stock of counted resources.

Email and SMS reminders

You can now set up email or SMS reminders for scheduled events (Subscription to an email SMS service provider is required).

As more and more customers manage the invoicing of reservations, we have revised the document management window to allow them easier monitoring of events and documents produced.

Fall Minor Improvements

An already existing organizer in the contact file can be identified from different emails when validating reservation requests.

The unit price excluding tax of an option calculated from a value including tax can be recorded with a precision of 4 decimal places to avoid rounding differences.

Contact management improves

New columns for a contact list presentation are available (including the balance of the customer account) and a search area has been added in the document management to quickly position yourself on the desired contact.

Accounting and financial statements

A customer outstanding accounting statement and a list of payments have been implemented.

Some functional and technical novelties

To facilitate the management of updates in the context of a change in the data structure, we have integrated this process when updating the client workstation.

We also worked around an issue converting images to PDF from .docx files in compatibility mode. The problem was starting to occur after the last automatic update of Word in Office 365.

Finally, users can easily switch groups an option that would now be handled by another service.

Many new features

We've implemented many new features and usability improvements based on customer feedback and suggestions over the past year.

To cite just two examples, you can now insert photos and plans of your rooms in agreements or quotes or download the school holidays adapted to your area.

Windows 11, here we go!

It's done, the first workstations have been installed at some of our customers on Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 11.

An invitation in emails to attendees or the organizer

An invitation in iCalendar format is included in emails to attendees or the organizer.

Managing your displays at reception or at the room entrance

A big functional novelty at the end of the year: Rooming'it now offers integrated management of your displays at reception or at the entrance to the room.

A revision of the printings which are enriched with new publishing criteria and new exports to allow you to process your occupancy statistics directly on a spreadsheet...
... and still more merge fields available to customize your contracts, agreements, quotes or invoices.

Fall Improvements

You have new merge fields in the document templates and the ability to define for a service account, several system accounts in order to allow a service composed of several people to have the same software rights.

Manage your customers' payments and carry out an accounting export

Rooming'it has taken a step forward and now allows you to manage your customer accounts. You can save the payments received in an interface that meets accounting standards (pre-lettering and lettering). You can also export invoices and payments to your accountant's software.

Rooms managed by multiple users

You can now define which of the users will be the room managers with special access for validating or modifying reservations for the room in question.

MySQL and MariaDB type databases are now supported

In addition to ergonomic improvements to improve the visibility of reservations or the personalization of reservation requests through web publication, Rooming'it can now be implemented on a MySQL/MariaDB database platform.

A validation circuit for options by the departments in charge of logistics

You can now define users who will be in charge of checking availability and validating the options requested in reservations. A follow-up screen is offered to them. It allows to control the stock, to edit a report of overruns, to restart the services which would not have validated requests or to warn them of a modification.

Some minor improvements

For this first version of the new year, just a few minor improvements based on user feedback.

A Web service for controlling the display at the entrance to the room

In anticipation of the start of the new school year, Rooming'it is enriched with a web service allowing you to control displays at the entrance to the room or in the reception hall. We will have the pleasure of telling you more about it as soon as the school year begins!
And as always ergonomic improvements or new possibilities such as the creation of free information in the rooms and reservations.

Some minor improvements

Note this summer:

A web publishing site that allows better support of dates in the reservation request form depending on the browser used.

Improvements in the management of participants and the quantities of options available in stock.

A new edition oriented 'Participants' and finally, an export of reservations in .CSV format.

You have the option of setting the default label for the subject of a new reservation.

A new website and expanded features

The new layout of the booking publication site gives you the choice of new color themes and a date picker in the request forms.

Customization of the columns of your contact book, export of organizers and participants, new personalized states are some of the new features of this version.

Rooming'it improves the management of email reviews

In addition to minor corrections related to teething flaws in version 5.0, we have greatly improved the management of email notifications to allow you to overcome the limit of approximately 2,000 characters when sending notifications.

You can even write your notice templates in Html to customize the form of the email to be sent.

Rooming'it is now in version 5.0 and it shows!

Rooming'it is now in version 5.0 and it shows!

This latest version offers you a modern, clean and ergonomic design, in line with Microsoft standards.

A zoom is now available to define and optimize readability on each computer: whether you display the schedule in day, week or month mode, it's up to you to define the display size that suits you using the [Ctrl] and your mouse wheel.

Additional information such as the number of participants, the confidential or periodic nature of the reservation are directly visible on the reservation.

Important documents relating to your reservations (A descriptive PDF of the room, documents or e-mails received from customers or users)? Store them in a simple drag and drop in a reservation or in the document manager attached to each contact or each room.

Document management has been overhauled to make it more practical: a very intuitive interface allows you to generate your documents or tables in a few clicks for a selection of reservations. You can also generate Agreement, Quote or Invoice directly in reservations.

Book a room for several dates at once

From the web publishing site, it is now very easy to request a room reservation for several dates in one go.

Search and locate a reservation by number

Nothing could be easier to find and modify a reservation: you can search for it using a unique number which can be specified in all the documents issued.
The options request form on the web is also enriched with specific information when the quantities are indexed by participant or by hour.

Authorize or not the concommitance of requests

You can now choose your mode of organization by authorizing or not the overlapping of reservation requests.

A new customizable edition

Rooming'it allows you to edit directly in your usual word processor a personalized list of reservations containing many details that you specify in the template according to your needs (options, participants, comments).

A year that has made it possible to improve the ergonomics of Rooming'it in detail

No major changes over the past year but a whole set of small improvements resulting from the experience of our users.

A new version to prepare for Christmas

This new version brings you improved display and general ergonomics.

You can now define the list of your favorite rooms to personalize your display, quickly print a reservation form to a Microsoft Word file or generate a list of reservations in Microsoft Excel. Managing contacts and organizers is made easy with direct access from the main menu.

The Web publishing site has been revised to allow a display of reservations adapted to the most recent browsers (transparency, rounding and shading). You can include your own logo. The options reserved and the participants are specified in the title block. The booking request management form has been improved and user data is saved by cookie.

LDAP synchronization on an Active Directory

You can now synchronize contacts and/or users from the LDAP directory of your Active Directory.

You can also print a detailed and customizable page directly from the booking form.

To notify the logistics services of the reservation of a room, the e-mails of these services can be configured in the options. You can thus notify them of special layout or restoration requests.

A new web publishing site

The graphic charter of the web publication interface has been completely revised. The display allows a better reading of current reservations and supports different color themes.
New weekly and monthly view modes have also been added, as well as many other display options (simultaneous bookings, holidays,...).

An example of publication can be seen here: demo site
Ask for a demonstration at
+33 (0)1 42 72 52 49