Room management software

Rooming'it - Room management software

Since more than 15 years, Rooming'it facilitates room management for collectivities, associations and corporations.

Rooming’it is a room management software suitable for any company dealing with scheduling: events, meetings, conferences, performances, receptions or working/training sessions...

With Rooming'it you have a central data for collaborative work, you wil save time and efficiency on a daily basis.

main functionalities

  • Shared planning to work with several people on the same schedule and bookings
  • Users manager lets you authorise your managers from global administration to read only access
  • Invoicing with a financial part according defined options and settings
  • Creation of documents: proposal, invoices, agreements etc. based on your prepared and your own logos
  • Equipment management and their stock with alerts when they become unavailable
  • Reports and statistics according to your criteria with possible reprocessing in Excel

Integrated Web publishing

You have a powerfull integrated feature that will help you publish your planning on a web site (intranet or internet).
You publish directly from Rooming'it installed on your computer, no additional tools are needed.

Booking requests can be made directly from the published web site, an email is automatically sent to the address of your choice.

You can see a demonstration of this publication web site following this link

Online demonstration

Benefits / Strengths


The user interface is compliant with Microsoft products and recommandations (drop down lists, mouse, shortcuts, keyboards, ...).

Time benefit

A periodic booking is scheduled in some clicks, the availibility of a room is visible with a single sight


Many settings are available to get closer to your organization and satisfy your needs.

Ease of use

Rooming’it includes networking fonctionalities for an easy sharing of plannings and information within the office and over Internet.


Rooming'it is compatible with usual office suites and softwares (Office 97-2016, OpenOffice, SignMeeting).

Quality support

The technical support team is partly composed of Rooming'it designers and has strong knowledge of IT administration. This allows them to make a quick diagnosis, suggets solutions and give answers to user's questions. They are available and give an answer within 4 open hours, from monday to friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00pm.

Maintenance and updates

The research and development department is creating updates for additional features. Developpers are listening to feedback from users and technological changes. Thus, all client with a maintenance contract can benefit from an ever more efficient software that satisfy their needs.

Demo version

You want to have a better overview of all features of Rooming'it and have a better idea of it, we let you download a fully operational demo version. Feel free to download and try Rooming'it by yourself.

Download the demo version