Rooming'it makes room and resource management easy
Available on your local network or hosted remotely (SaaS)

Daily, weekly or monthly view
Repeat weekly, bimonthly or monthly bookings

General planning

  • The general ergonomics allow you to move, enlarge or reduce your reservations with the mouse
  • You can duplicate them with a simple copy/paste
  • You choose your display (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Easily manage periodic recurring reservations

Monitoring of reservations

  • The status of a reservation is identified by a color associated with a keyword
  • You inform the organizer, the participants, the manager of the room or the logistics services with configurable email templates
  • You have a detailed file, editions and extractions in Excel
Color codes allow user-friendly visual identification
Detailed sheet
The reservation details are customisable using Word
Your service teams are more organised and more efficient
Invoicing all bookings for a chair

Equipments and services

  • Each reservation details the material or service needs
  • Integrated management of limited resources
  • Reservation validation process by logistics services
  • Invoicing of reservations and materials on request

Agreements, quotes, invoices and payments follow-up

  • Management of all document templates directly in Word
  • Storage of all documents or emails received or sent directly in reservations with a simple drag and drop
  • Produce your commercial documents in 2 clicks and generate the corresponding PDF
  • Manage your customers accounts and export your monthly accounting entries
Build your own templates using Word
Follow-up client accounts and their payments
Excel extractions according to your own criteria
More than 30 reports and exports available

Statistics and reports

  • Have occupancy statistics directly in Excel
  • Statistics can be crossed by organizers, rooms or status
  • Your weekly or monthly schedules are printable in multiple forms

Web Edition

  • Share your room and resource schedules without technical constraints
  • Manage booking requests while teleworking just like in the office
  • Generate quotes, agreements or invoices from your Web browser
  • Easily import your schedules Google Agenda

Test our Web Edition:

Please contact us at +33 (0) 1 42 72 52 49

Try out the online demo

Our demo dataset is in French, but is fully customizable.

Watch the video of Rooming'it features

Main presentation of Rooming'it Web Edition
Main presentation of Rooming'it Web Edition
Main presentation
Main presentation
Invoices and payments
Invoices and payments

Display on screens and pads

  • SmartTV in an entrance hall
  • Pad at the door's room
  • Connection with specialized displays from INNES via SignMeeting

Discover the online demo

Integrated Web publishing

You have a powerfull integrated feature that will help you publish your planning on a web site (intranet or internet).

You publish directly from Rooming'it installed on your computer, no additional tools are needed.

Booking requests can be made directly from the published web site, an email is automatically sent to the address of your choice.

You can see a demonstration of this publication web site following this link

Online demonstration

Demo version

You want to have a better overview of all features of Rooming'it and have a better idea of it, we let you download a fully operational demo version. Feel free to download and try Rooming'it by yourself.

Download the demo version

Ask for a demonstration at
+33 (0)1 42 72 52 49