Room management software

Manage your bookings with Rooming'it

Rooming'it provides advanced features to let you control the occupation of your rooms and manage all the scheduled events.

You can be a little or a big company, a collectivity or an association, Rooming'it has a modular approach that will satisfy your needs.

main features

Shared agenda of bookings

Work together on the same agenda. User rights management can be setup from full admin to read only access.

Equipment management

Manage the inventory of your equipment and notify logistics departments of needs in one click. A message will alert you in case of conflict or unavailability.

Invoicing et editing documents

Create your invoices according to your own templates. Edit your documents at a glance (proposal, contracts, agreements).

Web publishing

Publish the scheduled bookings on your own website. Users view the planning from their connected device and ask for reservation requests.


Main agenda of bookings

The look and feel allows you to move, extend or reduce the duration of a booking and change its status (booked, confirmed, canceled, in progress, etc.).

  • Several display modes: It's up to you to choose your planning display (daily, weekly, monthly). You can easily spot availibility or unavailibility in your managed rooms.
  • Zoom: This feature allows you to zoom in and out your planning for more readability and visual comfort.
  • Filter: Easilt find bookings according to several criteria (equipment, status, subjects, etc.) or search for the most suitable room for your event depending on requirements (numbers of seats, area or dedicated equipment availibility).
  • View by site: If you have a large number of rooms to manage, you can group them by site or by interest. That will reduce the number of rooms to display at the same time for more readability.

Planning of bookings

You can easily identify the status or the type of a booking by its color. You can drag, move, enlarge or reduce a booking to change its duration by using your mouse, change the status (reserved, confirmed, cancelled, on air, etc.)

  • Main tab: In all reservations, you can key in topics, summary, synopsis of the event, the author, the chair, the list of attendees, options provided, etc.
  • Notification: Keep the chair, the logistics department and the attendees about the booking status. A prepopulated email based on your template will be created using your email software, ready to be sent to the recipient(s).

Integrated Web publishing

You have a powerfull integrated feature that will help you publish your planning on a web site (intranet or internet). You publish directly from Rooming'it installed on your computer, no additional tools are needed. Booking requests can be made directly from the published web site, an email is automatically sent to the address of your choice.

You can see a demonstration of this publication web site following this link

  • More visibility: the planning is visible from all your connected devices (desktops, laptops, notebooks and smartphone).
  • Saving time for managers: Managers no longer need to key in booking requests. a double-click on the file attached from the email received and the booking is automatically created in Rooming'it.
  • Control the booking requests flow: Managers can choose when they have to handle the requests received from the web site.

Equipment management

You can add or remove any of your equipment in every reservation. You can assign resources to an event: chairs, tables, sports equipement, computer equipement, meals, staff etc... These equipments and services are fully configurable (type of options / options / graphic icons attached).

  • Inventory management: You can fill in you initial stock and receive an alert during a conflict or during a request that exceeds your possibilities.
  • Notifications to logistic services: Each logistic departement is informed of equipment needs by an email.
  • Financial evaluation: Each option can be valued in quantity, per hour or per attendee, the valuation is done automatically.

Invoicing, editing documents and reports

The creation of your templates is done from your usual word processor software. All your documents are generated easily, you can create up to 30 templates!

    Customized templates: With the help of dedicated merged fields previously inserted in your templates, all the information you want is included in your documents (contracts, agreements, invoices,..)
  • Documents storage: Easily find created documents from Rooming'it or store documents received by a simple drag and drop into a room, a contact or a booking.
  • Document flow tracking: You can choose your own processes for each document template in order to have a total control with your files exchanges.
  • Management reports: Several multicriteria reports are included in Roomnig'it: occupancy statistics, labels for attendees, booking forms, list of today's meetings, etc.

Room layout and management

Every room can be set with default options or facilities (fresh drinks, paperboard, Internet, translator, etc.) but extras can be added for each booking.

  • Room details: You can use a dedicated information to describe room internal rules or other usefull information for chairman and attendees.
  • Maximum attendees: A maximum people average per room can be set in order to manage places availability.
  • Sketch: You can import a principle sketch and a photo for every room. Facilities, options and attendees can be placed using drag and drop of graphical elements in order to set up a seating plan, a VIP placement, the furniture and facilities layout, etc.

Contact manager (attendees, chairs)

To avoid any unnecessary re-entry, a contact manager is integrated with Rooming'it. It allows you to store attendees and frequent chairs.

  • Details: Contacts are presented as a table list, you can choose the columns to display to see the details you want. In each sheet, there are 6 free areas where you can fill in the information you want and a tab for personal notes.
  • Documents storage: You can store files for each and every contact: registration information, bank details, insurance contract, ID card...
  • Upload / download of your contacts: It's possible to upload your contacts in Rooming'it from a LDAP server or from a text file. You can download your contacts list to MS Excel.

Demo version


You want to have a better overview of all features of Rooming'it and have a better idea of it, we let you download a fully operational demo version. Feel free to download and try Rooming'it by yourself.

Download the demo version