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Manage your bookings with Rooming'it

Rooming'it provides advanced features to let you control the occupation of your rooms and manage all the scheduled events.

You can be a little or a big company, a collectivity or an association, Rooming'it has a modular approach that will satisfy your needs.

Main agenda of bookings

You can easily identify the status or the type of a booking by its color. You can drag, move, enlarge or reduce a booking to change its duration by using your mouse, change the status (reserved, confirmed, cancelled, on air, etc.)

Room layout and management

Every room can be set with default options or facilities (fresh drinks, paperboard, Internet, translator, etc.) but extras can be added for each booking.

This options and facilities are highly configurable and adaptable (type/category/attached icon).

A maximum people average per room can be set in order to manage places availability.

You can import a principle sketch and a photo for every room.

Facilities, options and attendees can be placed using drag and drop of graphical elements in order to set up :
- a seating plan,
- a VIP placement,
- the furniture and facilities layout,
- etc.

Reservation scheduling

You can chose between week, month or day view for an easy check of availability and a one click booking.

(for instance: booking is schedulded for every first Wednesdays and Saturdays of the month from 9:30 to 10:45 and this, until the end of current year).

In case of a many rooms or multiple sites management, groups can be set up so you can chose to view only a specific room category or group.

You can access instant recurrent events scheduling, on a weekly or monthly basis.

Weekly or monthly planning printout is included.

A single click on a booking gives you instant information about the meeting, including object, participants and facilities.

Contact manager (attendees, chairs)

In order to prevent time consuming input, a contact manager is included. You can fill it with usual recurrent participants.

Every form is detailed for information access at a glance.


Rooming’it is fully configurable and adaptable to satisfy your needs.

Planning and working

Working hours is fully adaptable. Time period can be set from 5 to 60 minutes. Display for weekends or bank holidays can be personalised using your colour codes.

Access control

Choose between three security levels to manage readers, authors or administrators and grant authority to users or groups of users to add, modify or view events.

Booking options and facilities

You can set up your own rooms’ facilities and options list, using self-designed icons (GIF or ICO file extension required).

Colour codes

Colour codes can be set using your own visual identification needs : rather than qualifying a state of progress, colours can define a meeting nature or any other meaningful typology (type of activity, client category, department, etc.)

Web publishing

A one click Internet or Intranet publishing, for instant worldwide accesses to your meeting rooms schedule. This functionality requires a web server and PHP 4.1 minimum or a subscription to our hosting solution (contact us for details).

Publish you planning straight from your workstation, using Rooming’it only, no need of any extra tools.

Booking requests can be sent from the web site to the email address of your choice using a dedicated form.

See by yourself, using our Demo website at


Pre-set reports are available in Rooming’it :
- nametags
- booking cards
- daily rooms booking
- etc.

A browsable preview is included for page on page printing.




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