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Rooming'it - Room management software

Rooming’it is a room management software suitable for any company dealing with scheduling: events, meetings, conferences, performances, receptions or working/training sessions...

  • Rooming’it helps you manage and set up your room scheduling and layout (furniture, resources, facilities, etc.)
  • Rooming’it offers draggable graphical elements for facilities or people placement in a room.
  • Rooming’it includes networking fonctionalities for an easy sharing of plannings and information within the office and over Internet.
  • Rooming’it offers security levels so you can control for each user who has access to view, edit, add and delete schedule information.

Rooming'it provides main functionalities:

Meeting planification
The progress of each meeting is identified with a colour code you can setup.
Dayly, weekly and monthly views are available.
  Integrated web service
You can publish bookings planning onto your own web site with an integrated FTP synchronsation tool. Rooming'it will create all HTML pages and the PHP programm, and will publish them on the right place you set up on your web site.
Periodicity management
Meetings can be scheduled with a weekly or a monthly periodicity.
You can customise the graphical presentation of your rooms (layout map and picture).
Graphical placement
Every option and facility, service and attendee has an icon, you can set up you table map or place your VIPs.
A validation process can be defined, the detail od a particular booking or a room can be set up as confidential.
Printouts and reports
Lists of attendees, badges, agendas, monthly or weekly plannings can be printed.
  Time benefit
A periodic booking is scheduled in some clicks, the availibility of a room is visible with a single sight.
Rooming'it allows a real coordinated work between managers and users.
The user interface is compliant with Microsoft products and recommandations (drop down lists, mouse, shortcuts, keyboards, ...).

Bookings can be followed by everyone in real time (delay, cancellation, change of the agenda or attendees, etc.).

Rooming'it interfaces with your own web site using Web standards (HTML, PHP, FTP).

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